Magnificent Machine Quilting

Linda is the newest Guest Artist in the Tacony family bringing you, some new and exciting programs for 2013. She has learned the craftsmanship of Traditional Quilting, and has found herself experimenting with fabric from a scientific approach.  She has used any and every time of fabric for her art quilts.


She has published a book entitled, "The Art of Machine Needle Felting" with Tacony Corporation, to be used as a manual for new and seasoned machine felting artists. This year, she is traveling the country for the Tacony Corporation, teaching artistic techniques on Baby Lock Sewing Machines.


Below are the two classes Linda will be teaching:

Introduction to Machine Quilting :

Are you a quilter with projects that need to be quilted but don’t have the time to quilt by hand? Well, come to Needle in a Haystack and learn how to put your quilt layers together and quilt it with your Baby Lock sewing machine in no time. We will focus on setting up the machine for quilting, preparing the quilt top and learning two different machine quilting stitch patterns that are versatile enough to be used in any style of quilt. Don't own a Babylock yet?  Let us know and we will have one available for you to use. (You must have some basic sewing experience and be able to operate your own sewing machine.)

When and Where:

April 20th from 9am to 5pm at Needle in a Haystack in Findley Lake, NY


Price: $99.99 per person (lunch included)(For $50.00 more, come Friday night and be rested and ready for class       Saturday morning, breakfast included!)                                     


Fantastic Feathers:

Try your hand at fantastic free-motion feathers – even if you have struggled with this motif before.  No marking patterns on your quilt top or following templates here – just free-motion feathers all over your quilt – any size, any shape, with embellishments you may not have seen before.  This method will have you conquering the design and mastery of fine feather quilting on the very first morning – really!!!   With your Baby Lock sewing machine, you will learn how to create the basic free-form feather first, and then go on to decorate them with interesting stitch patterns.  This timeless and beautiful motif is much easier than it looks, but very impressive – especially to your quilting friends!   (You must have some free-motion quilting experience – no drawing ability necessary.) **If you do not own a Baby Lock sewing machine, please let us know when you register... we will have one available for you.

When and Where:

April 21st from 9am to 5pm at Needle in a Haystack in Findley Lake, NY


Price: $99.99 per person (lunch included) (Don't want to drive early in the morning?? Come Saturday night and relax at Needle in a Haystack for only $50 more, breakfast included!)




 ****Special offer: Sign up for both classes and receive a $50 gift card for Millcreek Sewing and Fabric!!