We are giving you a gift to create a Valentine for your sweetheart(s)!

Katherine created this tree trunk.jpeg and is giving it to all for free. Along with the design is her short free lesson (about 30 minutes) to show you how to turn the artwork into stiches, add a heart, and then “carve” your initials on the trunk inside the heart.

One of the videos is done using the Solaris; the other, using the Destiny. If you have a machine comparable to either of those, be sure to join in.

Regardless of the machine you have, you’ll want to download the tree jpeg onto a usb flash drive and place the usb in your embroidery machine. In the video, Katherine will take you through IQ Designer to import and use the tree jpeg. The next part of the lesson shows a trick to use to help clear out the heart of all tree lines. Finally, you are taken into Embroidery Edit where you will personalize your tree for your Valentine sweetheart!

Whether you are a beginner or a bit advanced, it’s a good small project to sharpen your IQ skills and perhaps learn a thing or two. You can decide how to use the finished tree—in a quilt block, on a notecard, or framed for the bookshelf.  Enjoy!

PES file - FREE Tree Design

Tree File - JPEG to scan