Meet Us

We are women, daughters, wives, mothers, and grandmothers. Therefore, we can pretty much cover whatever state you happen to be in emotionally, hormonally, physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, or ...eventually!

Although we all share the "fun" quotient, we are different. You will find one of us to be exactly like your best friend or your favorite aunt. By meeting us here, we'll be old friends when you walk in our door.

Judy Fenton, Owner   

Judy has been the proud owner of Millcreek Vacuum, Sewing & Fabric since 1998. Although she is "Jack of all trades," her first love is embroidered quilting. You'll see her novel, creative touch on many of the jackets, purses, wall quilts, and other marvelous projects that abound in the store. She is The Woman!

Would you like Judy to be a speaker or instructor at your event? Give her a call at 814-866-8227.


 Megan Wilson
Megan has been creating quilts since she was 12. Her love of sewing crept up on her as her mom (Judy, the owner!) brought her to the store after school and weekends. Megan's projects show off her flair for combining color and pattern and she will be glad to help you do the same. 
 Kay Buffington
As a kindergarten teacher for over 30 years, Kay knows how to make things easy to understand, has patience beyond measure, and loves to dip her fingers into all kinds of colors! She has a line of patterns that are great for beginners and pros, alike.

  Kim Collarile

Kim is our newest addition to the family and we are excited to have her.  She has been sewing for over 6 years and enjoys making quick projects and anything with embroidery.  "Sewing is my therapy to keep sane!"  - Kim

 Marcy Scott
Marcy will be your mentor of all things "hand." Her magnificent samples of hand applique, hand quilting, and Sashiko will tempt you to try any of these time-honored traditions. 
 Teresa Still
With her unparalleled gift of using bias tape, we are so lucky that Teresa chose to work with fabric instead of stained glass. She has applied this magic to quilts, wall hangings, purses, and to custom vests and jackets
 Janice Taccone
Janice is our resident "Mom"--and she'll be glad to share her quiet guidance with you, as well! You'll see her touches on a gamut of items from purses, to table runners, to the baby room ensemble (complete with the doll mascot she made, "Millie").Whereas we love her sewing skills, we indulge in her culinary skills, too. Janice keeps us going with her yummy homemade healthy lunches!
 Carol (CJ) West
CJ's love of fabric began with garment sewing, but as she watched Sewing with Nancy and Kaye's Quilting Friends on PBS, she vowed to "learn to quilt some day."  Her "some day" began over a year and a half ago...with a bargello quilt as her first endeavor! When you talk with CJ, you can't help but catch her enthusiasm for quilting.

  Ashley Wagner

  Carol Schuler