Join Patsy Sheilds for 3 “fun, filled days” to learn the Baby Lock Evolution serger in and out!  You will learn how to use YOUR Evolution serger from the “basics to advanced” techniques.  You will say, “I didn’t know I could do that on a serger!”

This hands-on retreat is for everyone!  If you have a serger you don't use, now you will say, “How did I ever get along without it”  Baby Lock sergers “thread themselves”… have no tension dials to figure out and are the easiest serger on the market to change to different stitches.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

DAY ONE:                                                                        DAY TWO:                                       
Stitch width                                                        The Napkin "trick"
Stitch length                                                       3-thread stitch
Differential feed                                                 Rolled hem stitch uses
Fine tuning option for tensions                          Seams in lace and chiffon
Machine parts                                                    Serging curves
Machine accessories that come with serger      Serger pintucks
Needle and thread information                           Lettuce edges
Proper fabric handling techniques                     Vanishing rolled hems

Coverhem threading technique
Making hems, in three widths
Attaching lingerie elastic
Shirring over elastic
Understanding the cover hem accessories
Using the chain stitch
Decorative chain stitches

and 'sew' much more!

When and where is all of this happening?!
Nov. 1, 2 and 3 at 
Needle in a Haystack in Findley Lake, NY.


$299.00 per person for all three days (Includes: 2 night stay at Needle in a Haystack, workbooks, fabrics and lunch for all three days)


$199.00 per person for all three days of class (Includes: workbooks, fabric and lunch for all three days)

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